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TR3B’s And A UFO Defy All Known Laws In A Spectacular Aerial Display

This is a typical TR3B but been connected with another TR3B is unprecedented. It’s never been seen in this formation by myself before and it is also accompanied by a smaller UFO. It’s great evidence that there’s something going on in the top secret world of aerial vehicle creations from reverse engineered Alien crafts.FacebookTwitterEmailShare

Seeing these kinds of UFO videos gives me hope that Alien disclosure is just round the corner. I saw this video whilst I was on YouTube watching another spectacular UFO display in broad daylight as well. The amazing video is at the bottom.

Here's a TR3B and a triangle shape craft with a UFO which are definitely top secret aircraft that has been created by and developed by the US Government.

This is the most spectacular TR3B and UFO video which I have ever seen before! It’s definitely a craft, it’s more than likely real and what makes sense to me is that we know that they exist!

So, because there’s no way of proving that these are real, we need the Government to intervene and bring the might of investigation departments, scientists, data centres, satellite capabilities, historic information, software development, and the bringing together of top minds in top tier education and engineering societies. To undo the cover ups and lies and dispel the myths and replace it with open and transparent facts “either way”.

But that’s a stupid pipe dream!
Because they want to keep the UFO sightings to the fringe, keep the Alien technology yo themselves their cronies and keep the world in a constant state of depression, oppression, in a fowl succession of hideous tension.

What’s going on with the world at the moment guys? I’m getting so many UFO sightings caught on camera sent through Facebook – that is unprecedented in numbers.

Ufosfootage is our sister site (button below) there’s hundreds and hundreds of UFO related reports and articles published on the website. It’s easy to use and easy to learn from. Please, enjoy.Ufosfootage

Surely that is being mirrored at MUFON and NUFORC etc? I admit that Facebook is a huge pool of people but places that are designed to help people with reporting a UFO incident, surely are seeing massive surges in worldwide UFO numbers?


I’ve never seen anything like this huge surge in UFO activity – in all the years that I have researched UFO sightings. Giving the public a place to talk about what they’ve experienced has always been key. The reports versus people talking about their UFO events is not the same… You’d think that people would want to know more about the UFO they’ve seen?

Lee Lewis UFO News

If I were to be lucky enough to witness a UFO event unfolding before my own eyes, I would definitely be interested in hearing peoples thoughts and ideas about what it is!

Screenshots from the video showing the various different crafts.

But instead, lots are posting a “supposed” UFO event just taken place but don’t give anything by way of their thoughts or their opinions? Is this an indicator for us to spot a fake because that the person who is faking the UFO sighting just isn’t good at all by backing it up with the obvious curiosity which one would definitely, I’m talking “definite curiosity”.

What’s the truth about TR3B’s and Anti-Gravity aerial vehicles

Do TR3B’s really exist and how do people know that these types of crafts actually exist? If something is top secret and is talking about it, what’s the procedure on that and is the lack of anything happening proof or evidence that it’s not real?

This is one of the best UFO incidents that has occurred probably in the last few months if not the last year? TR3B and a UFO in the same video is unprecedented.
Here’s a close up of the TR3B and I put it through a filter to try to bring out the details which are definitely there and that’s another thing that makes me confident about this been real. If there was nothing there i wouldn’t be able to bring anything out with the filters, right? But because it’s real, im able to bring out the details!

All that makes perfect sense to me. If the TR3B or the Aurora programme did actually exist then surely, and I mean “surely the aircrafts from way back then” – no longer fit the criteria for a modern military might like the US Air Force or the British Royal Air Force?

The Moon is active with UFOs:

  • Seeing the Moon like this up close and personal with a thin layer of aluminium between you and the Moon is terrifying to say the least. But what would make it all better without a doubt would be the “awe inspiring view” from the command capsule window. This is a historical photo of the Moon because it’s the first time it’s been photographed this close.
  • structure-on-the-moonWhen the government employees go on record and state that there are structures on the Moon, we need to be taking them serious. When I say government employees, I actually mean “astronauts”.
  • apollo-16-ufo-over-roverThe number of strange anomalies in the photos taken from the Moon is astounding. The Apollo Moon Missions had a great influence on the people watching it live. Is it the 1969 Apollo Moon walk which made people start to look up more and maybe start to believe that anything is now possible? The 1969 live broadcast of the Moon walk definitely left an impression on the people.
  • All the different versions of the Moon in all its glory and in all its different colours and sizes. When the light reflects off the Moon itself it would illuminate that part of the Moon, depending on where the Earth was depended on how much we could see of the Moon?
  • moon-anomalyRuins of this kind are usually on Earth and not the Moon? The close up images of this area of the Moon show us that in the very distant past there was a structured living environment. The Moon’s past has not been studied like it has been studied on Earth. There are examples of ruined structures on the Moon and the astronauts have told us about this.
  • moon-tracksThis is a great Moon anomaly because the NASA image is showing a machine which seems to be taking a stroll through the Lunar surfaces deep canyons and it’s leaving consistently the same size and shape imprints in its wake. If this doesn’t give you a suspicion that there’s something strange going on – then your never going to get it!
  • This is one of them photos of the Moon which has no stars in the deepest part of the universe. Straight away people who were laughed at asked the question”where’s the stars” people who were laughing, stopped laughing because they realised that there was something wrong with a space that had no stars – what else did we know?
  • mounted-gunThis is a massive machine with what looks like a turret or a manned cannon of some kind? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but it’s definitely not a natural formation of the Moon. There’s just no way that it’s a real rock or a boulder that is coincidentally looking like what a gun mount looks like on Earth made by humans.
  • When NASA images came back to the engineers that where showing the surface of the Moon, it was clear that finding a spot to land was going to be a challenge. Furthermore the Moon had Aliens on it which if NASA lands next to them then what would happen? The astronauts have gone on record stating that they was been watched from the side of the craters by Aliens in crafts.
  • The Moon seems like a baron wasteland but it’s actually teaming with life inside the Moon itself and on the surface. Flying crafts have been observed speeding over the surface, in many different types of crafts. It’s not a conspiracy theory instead it’s a very real phenomena.
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Let me make it clear to you that I know technology moves on at such a pace that from one year to the next one technology is made redundant, not fit for purpose and irrelevant to the modern day needs of a sophisticated, well educated, well organised, well equipped.


And advanced technology research and development in the world of AI is actually creating, inventing, managing, ordering parts for itself, assembling its own bloody parts with robots and guys.

It’s a bit freaky because we’ve had a brief look at this through the help of the television with Terminator. Maybe that film was created so people could throw dirt on anyone who recognises what they are up to and cast doubt on anyone’s opinions by saying “that was a film, your deluded”!

Just hold on a moment, take stock of the tech you know is available and put some of it together. Fridges are ordering food from the supermarket on your behalf when you run low on milk! What’s the difference using this in business… There is none.

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So, before we as a people jump to conclusions about what technologies are capable of doing, we need to understand what is already available now. What configuration is needed to build a car – without humans? Now, apply this to tanks, submarines, ships? Spaceships possibly? Anything at this moment in time is possible and that is a fact.

Military pilots could be working from home now with technology so advanced that applied to commercial airlines, it’s nothing more than a remote controlled plane. It’s good enough for the military, it’s good enough for civilians.

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