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UFO On Side Of Mountain With Tinted Windows On Mars

This is how I see this anomaly on Mars, because that right there is strange.

I see a viewing platform like a gallery in skyscrapers where you can go and look out of over the city and take selfies etc.

There’s one skyscraper with a glass floor, yeah that one. This is the thing that’s gonna change your beliefs about life on Mars. But if your sceptic then it’s probably no point in reading this because as far as I’m concerned, it is what it is.

It doesn’t need no opinions and it doesn’t need anyone saying that it’s not there, because as you and me can clearly see, that is there and it shouldn’t on Mars because it’s intelligently made and it’s not ours (apparently).


Well, this definitely looks like either a viewing platform to look out on to the Martian surface down below or the viewing platform is just part of or connected to an underground base or it’s part of the underground tunnel system that’s rumored to exist on Mars?

The one thing i’m truly convinced of now is that this is definitely a real anomaly. It’s a piece of evidence for the existence of Aliens in the universe. What else could this be truthfully? This is probably the best evidence I’ve ever come across, what about you?


I’ve heard people say that this is a UFO?

That this is a crashed UFO and that it’s perching over the cliff of this massive mountain?

It is definitely something which shouldn’t be there if the planet Mars is not inhabited or has never been inhabited, it shouldn’t be there full stop! 

It’s got windows, frames, tinted glass.

It’s got metallic structuring to it.

It’s a product of intelligent engineering.

It’s gone through a process of manufacturing of which we can all agree on?

Or can we?

there’s obviously going to be someone somewhere that is going to be going with the government stance and that Aliens don’t exist therefore this cannot be real?

This person will probably have the opinion that they’re right?

I mean I think I’m right about this, but then again so does the  massive majority that will see this and they to will think that the person who say’s that this is a natural formation is being coerced in to saying that?

OK look at this, you tell me if that’s not made by “someone”?


“IF” that’s a natural formation of rocks and sand then I’m a son of a gun as the Americans would put it?

Believe me, that’s no naturally forming landmark!

It’s either “like I say” a viewing platform or a UFO that’s perfectly overhanging the mountain?

I know for a fact that tinted glass does not grow or for naturally in the wilds of Mars! It definitely doesn’t grow on trees.

It’s gleaming in the Sun. It’s rounded and omg, it almost sounds pathetic that I have to point the obvious out but it’s what I do and I’m doing it.



There really isn’t anything more to say other a big thank you to Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily.

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