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UFO Verified By Costa Rican Air Traffic Control Tower

This is one of the best UFO incidents in Costa Rica that I have been aware of, in a long time. I think seeing a UFO fly right near to you is a scary thing indeed. That’s what happened here.FacebookTwitterEmailShare

This Costa Rican UFO footage is really good because of the many eye witnesses whom are staring at the UFO. It would be good if we had their testimony but it’s not needed for personal beliefs that someone saw it as we can see they did, it’s only people who like written evidence that need this kind of written evidence until they believe they was there! But that’s not the case for me personally as I can see they we’re there.

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This UFO was verified because the airport went on record and said it was a drone and it shouldn’t of been there! So, by that assertion – they have actually confirmed it was there! They probably think they should of stayed quiet? Don’t forget, they are only giving us their opinion of the “UFO” being a drone, but have a look for yourself and see what you think…

This is really good looking as far as UFOs go. The silver metallic look without any visible propulsion systems to move it through the air is fabulous.

There’s been a fair few people posting this amazing UFO video on YouTube because it’s such a good and very interesting UFO. It’s metallic, silver, flying (obviously), no visible means of propulsion, no remote control antennas, no landing gear, it’s in restricted air space, it was confirmed by the air traffic control tower, multiple eye witnesses, filmed from different angles (see YouTube links below), it’s got Alien written all over it, it’s very recent April 2019, it’s very clear footage for a change.

One day we will get to see the radar footage because even that’s recorded

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The airport that confirmed this UFO was in the best location to see it as they have radar and lots of cameras, one day we’ll get to see the official radar footage as it’s all recorded (look at the TV shows that recreate aircraft disasters, the investigators check radar footage) so one day we might see actual footage from radar and CCTV.


UFO over Costa Rica looks real in my book

And we can see that in the video they are talking about it a lot. It looks like the people are transfixed on the UFO (Ovni), just staring at the Silver Flying Saucer. This isn’t a hoax in my own view, I don’t believe that at all, but it might not be a real UFO as it could be a drone as well.

The UFO sighting itself might be real, but the UFO could be a drone

UFO is filmed above a highway in Costa Rica and the people look transfixed by it. A Costa Rican control tower confirms that it actually happened according to SD Maia who posted the video to Facebook.

The control tower which is responsible for keeping an eye on the air space in this part of Costa Rica apparently confirmed that this was picked up by them. Well, we know that because we can see the UFO clearly in the sky “with our own eyes”. What i want to know more about is where did it come from, and where did it go?

Satellites are covering and constantly recording the whole Earth

Because satellites are covering the entire Earth and constantly filming things like the weather, ground temperatures, land movement and the biggest reason for satellite cameras constantly recording the whole world is security reasons so this must be on some camera footage somewhere in the security world? NASA is constantly recording and soon Elon Musk’s StarLink will be monitoring itself by way of cameras (for maintenance) and by extension in the background will be the Earth. basically the full Earth will be filmed by grid instead of NASA’s effort.Search UFO NewsSearch

The military is filming all the time with their “defensive capabilities”. The Air Forces of the world are always filming (albeit controversially) countries of interest. Then there’s the national weather stations, basically what I’m saying or trying to say is that the country who owns these satellites can if they want to, actually go back to any point in time which was filmed and look at any given coordinates. But not just that, these cameras are filming in all areas of the spectrum as well. Remember the US Navy UFOs was filmed in FLIR because they couldn’t be picked up in visual part of the spectrum. They knew they was there because they are filming all the time in all parts of the spectrum.

Typically, the human eye can detect wavelengths from around 380 to 700 nanometers. This is a fraction of the wavelengths.

The cells in our eye’s are tuned to see the visible light

This is called the visible light which is a form of radiation. But, simply put we humans are blind at birth. All humans need a flash light to see in the dark. Without it we cant see. Strange that isn’t it, lol. It’s all about how you look at it I suppose.

My whole reason for stating all that is because these satellites are recording everything and in every part of the light spectrum. When the US Navy released the UFO videos did you notice that the videos were filmed in the camera setting of FLIR?

Really good UFO information around the Internet.

The US Navy was filming the UFOs in the Infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Why, I hear you ask? Because they couldn’t see the UFOs in the visible light which is the visual part of the spectrum that we see everything in. Something or someone must of alerted them to this anomaly moving in the sky in real time because they was able to come up on them (for a while at least) and record them. Below is one of the videos showing the UFO over Costa Rica in 2019.Here’s the amazing video showing us a brilliant silver metallic UFO over Costa Rican air space.

So, yes there could be a whole fleet of UFOs flying past you right now being very silent and you would not know it. Did you ever see the movie Alien Vs Predator? Where the guy is stood at the top of the hole in the ice in Antarctica and a huge and I mean huge space craft flies right above his head but he could not hear it, well that could be happening in the world…

Uploaded by the YouTube channel “We Are Not Alone”.

If you think it’s impossible then I’ll just remind you that the UFOs in the videos that the US Navy released could only be seen and filmed in Infrared. There’s no information that I know of which tells us or indicates about the noise these UFOs made “if any at all”?

There’s a chance that we are looking at a drone

After pouring over the UFO video which happened above what looks like a very busy highway in Costa Rica, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s an abundance in evidence that proves there’s an active UFO in Costa Rica. It’s been verified by control towers, it’s been verified by many eye witnesses whom where transfixed by this silver sleek looking Flying Saucer shaped craft.

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