UFOlogy: 8-foot humanoid Aliens from Proxima B visited Earth in 2012, and they are still here

One of the most important and noteworthy discoveries made in outer space is, of course, Proxima B, an exoplanet the size of the Earth, which revolves around the habitat of the nearest nearest star’s neighbor of our Sun – Dwarf Star Proxima Centauri. This discovery aroused interest in the report, which stated that extraterrestrial creatures from a height of eight feet in height from a planet revolving around Proxima Centaurus visited the Earth in ancient times and continue to do so now.

Many ufologists and hunters of UFOs believe that the statements of the European Southern Observatory on the discovery of a planet resembling the Earth that is capable of supporting life, as we know it, are necessary proofs confirming previous statements about the existence of aliens living in Proxima Centauri, called extraterrestrials.

Proxima Centauri is located about four light-years from the Earth as part of the Alpha Centauri system, which consists of Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri V and Proxima Centauri.

According to CNET, foreign hunters believe that the images of the mysterious creature captured in 2012 are the final proof that the 8-foot humanoid extraterrestrials from Proxima Centaurus visited our planet in ancient times and still continue to do so.

It is believed that this information was available through one of the alleged beings from Alpha Centauri, who used hypnosis through a human.

But the story of the aliens Cenos, extraterrestrial hypnosis, a huge creature called hands, and interaction with Earth’s civilizations are much more interesting than you think. So do not take this article as: Oh, look at another strange story and read on, in the end, anything is possible.

In 1957 a group of psychologists from California examined a woman under hypnosis. Through this woman, an alleged alien being, known as Hands, spoke with researchers saying that he was from the planet in the Alpha Centauri system.

Details of the alleged foreign interview were disclosed in a book called “Hands: a true account.” A hypnotic plot about outer space, published in 1976 by Californian psychologists Margaret Williams and Lee Gladden.

The extraterrestrial creature known as Hands (as nice) claimed to be an extraterrestrial being with eight hands (oh, now I see why it was called hands).

The hands showed that the system inhabiting the Proxima Centaurus is an alien civilization called the Cenos, which were humanoid creatures, about 8 feet high with many hearts.

According to the Hands, these creatures were incredibly strong, they did not need to sleep, they did not fall for illness and had a lifespan of about 120 years. They have ELONGED skulls and skins with huge pores (yikes).

These mysterious creatures are described as space aliens with gray spacesuits and gray helmets. These strange creatures travel in spaceships that resemble a giant spinning tape.

This alien civilization visited our planet in the distant past thousands of years ago and during the Second World War.

Some believe that some of the aliens of Tseza remained on the ground and secretly live among people.

Dr. Barry Warmskessel, who owns B.A. In physics from Pomona College and PhD. From the University of Arizona, he firmly states that he is an expert in the field of alien technology and a foreign life form and an authoritative source of other people’s information Ceno.

According to Dr. Varmessel, Hands0 is a real alien being who managed to show himself to the world

Through a hypnotic subject, whose identity remains unknown.

It is interesting that, according to Varmkesul, the aliens of Cenoss also visited the ancient Akkadian civilization (around 2300 BC).

Dr. Varmkesel also believes that the old Sumerian deities were newcomers from the Tsenos, deified by ancient people.

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