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UFOs Spotted Over Chernobyl: Did Aliens Stop Nuclear Disaster?

Look around long enough, and you can find that plenty of details exist about supposed intervention from other species, species far more advanced than our own. In an uncertain world where we seem to want to appoint ever-increasing lunatics and put them in charge of terrifying weapons of mass destruction, is there more to the idea of alien intervention other than to help people stay a bit more comfortable in their own minds?

Chernobyl Power Plane

Is it nothing more than a mechanism used to help try and avoid the negativity and the fear of potential long-term damage to the planet by ourselves?

Really, it’s hard to tell. From our piece on alien intervention during the Cold War to the rumours of UFO sightings and similar during the Chernobyl and Fukushima reactor disasters, we’ve seen more than enough information in both directions to give us an idea of what might be plausible and what isn’t. If you are of a similar mindset to ourselves, then this page might be just what you need if you want to see a collection of all the relevant details that seem to exist on both sides of the argument.

Whilst we aren’t 100% ourselves on many of the accounts out there, some rather awesome footage exists that seems to depict more than meets the eye. From the accounts of those who claim to have something far beyond what you would expect to see to those who shoot down these claims with ferocity, we’ll take a look at both sides of the fence.

Hopefully, at the end, you’ll have more knowledge about what may have occurred. The idea of alien intervention – is it something that you can believe in? Or a coping mechanism for a deeply frayed and dangerous world?


The Story Itself

For many people, the actual story of what occurred can be quite hard to fathom. Whilst experts tell us one thing, others have since appeared with equally convincing data that is hard to argue against. For the layman, knowing what to believe can be a bit of a nightmare. We’ve spent many days looking into the events of both disasters and trying to work out whether what we are seeing, reading and hearing have any kind of substance. Is it really possible that we were saved from an imminent, major disaster more than once?

According to Russian news page Pravda, who looked deeper into the subject through investigative sources on the Russian side, it’s certainly possible. If the fourth reactor had exploded then we could have been looking at more than a section of Ukraine being sealed off; most of Europe would have been sick, ill, or dead. It was a disaster that would have engulfed the entire planet and not left much for consumption for those who were left behind. Major economies would have vanished, medical crises would be common and more or less the end of the Western world would have been at hand.

The town of Pripyat with Chernobyl power plant in the distance

Therefore, it makes sense for the eternal optimist to believe in the idea of aliens saving us. This kind of major damage would have left us in little day about what could have occurred to the rest of the planet. Interestingly, though, Pravda was one of the first logical and sensible web locations to start discussing this in-depth.

They stated that when the trouble began at Chernobyl, that reports saw devices which looked akin to your archetypical space ship in the sky, hovering above this critical forth generator. Again, had this gone this went from being a disaster in Europe to a major global catastrophe.

According to the information Pravda has provide and discussed, eye witnesses state that they seen a UFO in the sky for as long as six hours, with numerous accounts supposedly out there to see. Just two years after the events and stories were appearing online in magazines to do with UFO facts and sightings. As you might imagine though, magazines that concentrate on the occult and UFOs are not likely to get much traction or interest from “normal” people and thus much of this was ignored, lost or never even heard of.

Speaking to Pravda, one eyewitness – Mikhail Varitsky – stated that;

I and other people from my team went to the site of the blast at night. We saw a ball of fire, and it was slowly flying in the sky. I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter. Then, we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit. The object was some 300 meters from the reactor. The event lasted for about three minutes. The lights of the object went out and it flew away in the northwestern direction.”

Does that sound convincing to you? It kind of does to us!

The Main Arguments For

According to many theorists, the UFO was there to reduce the massive radiation levels escaping and that the level could have been decreased as much as four times its value. It’s estimated then that this could have been enough to avoid the triggering of a major nuclear blast – at the event itself, only a “thermal” blast occurred. Of course, the area around Chernobyl (and now Fukushima) is more or less destroyed, but people suggest that this would have been the case for a whole lot more than just the Ukraine to have been affected.

Just three years later, on September 16th 1989, the fourth reactor began to emit large levels of radiation into the atmosphere. One doctor who was involved with the process, Doctor Gospina, claims that she witnessed a large object in the sky floating above the plant, am “amber-like” structure. She states that she could also clearly see the top and bottom of the hardware itself.

Another source from the era, V. Navran from the Echo of Chernobyl newspaper, photographed the large machine above the plant. Speaking to Pravda, he stated that “I photographed the top of it, including a part of the hole above. I remember everything very well; I did not see any UFO. However, when I developed the film, I clearly saw an object that was hovering above the hole in the roof.”

Another important section comes from Jerry Washington, who wrote in the 1997 NICAP report that;

I offer this excerpt from Dr. Vladimir V. Rubtsov’s lectures as published in MUFON’s 1994 Symposium Proceedings;

About one month before the Chernobyl disaster I had a talk with an air traffic controller of the Kharkov airport. He told me that, according to pilots’ reports, there was a rising number of UFO observations in the area of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (ChNPS). Later it became known that on the night of the fire in the ChNPS, some 3 hours after the explosion, a team of nuclear specialists saw in the sky over the station a fiery ball of the color of brass. The witnesses estimated its diameter as 6-8 meters and its distance from the burning nuclear reactor No. 4 as some 300 meters. Just before the observation these specialists measured the level of radiation in the place where they were standing. It was measured at 3000 milliroentgens per hour. ‘Suddenly two bright rays of crimson color extended from the ball to the reactor… This lasted for some 3 minutes… The rays abruptly faded and the ball slowly floated away in a north-westerly direction, towards Byelorussia. Then we again looked at our radiation monitor. It displayed only 800 milliroentgens per hour…‘”

These reports are quite striking, in that they open up the discussion further about what potentially went on. These aren’t just “sources” or the like; these are people who worked extensively within Chernobyl and on the aftermath, and spoke to people in authority and power.

Getting off Lightly?

Another major factor around the disaster is the fact that not a great deal was made of the fact that the disaster was not the catastrophe many experts predicted. Whilst this is obviously a good thing, experts at the time predicted that things would be far worse than they were.

Alas, things seemed to be quite “OK” given what could have occurred. Whilst we aren’t for one second saying that Chernobyl or Fukushima were good, the estimated damage at both was far less than we were told to be prepared for.

Therefore, it instantly adds a slight bit of extra belief to the fact that nothing went down here. If things aren’t as bad as they were predicted to be, is that not a good thing? Therefore, why is the idea of UFO intervention here – a good thing, by all accounts – so negatively and vehemently denied by those who are involved?

Why can’t they inform of us what made the disaster so much less serious than it was predicted?

For example, the main “bonus” of what occurred at Fukushima was the fact that the explosion occurred as a thermal blast. This meant that the fourth generator – the one which hinged on disaster and total destruction – was more or less eviscerated by a large set of moving steam. This meant that no nuclear explosion could occur, and with more around 180 tons of enriched uranium in there it’s likely that the blast would have been every bit as was predicted in the first place.

Given the deep experimentation on the fourth generator which was due for such heavy repairs, it was incredibly unstable. The odds of such a volatile source NOT exploding and following the obvious path was hugely lucky indeed. After all, a global disaster was waiting to strike with ferocity.

UFO over Chernobyl power plane

The Tale of Orfeo Angelucci

One interesting tale comes from Orfeo Angelucci. Angelucci is seen by man as a good source on many things to do with extra-terrestrial contact, and in 1955 he released a book that detailed he was informed of this coming disaster. They even got the year spot on – he claims that it was informed to him that the other species would do what they could to guide humanity, but it was up to ourselves to stop the events that did occur from happening.

It’s all of these little things that bring doubt to the mind and make us wonder if what we are being told – by both sides – is hokum. After all, there are some significant videos that show UFO interaction at Fukushima, but also experts out there state that the only reason the disaster was so “safe” was because it took place on the ground, not in the sky.

Other video footage appears of objects in the sky during other natural disasters such as the massive tsunami and earthquake which hate Japan in 2011. Check out the video here:

Although unrelated, it’s another video that exists which supposedly depicts this kind of event taking place and UFOs being present to offer some kind of buffer to the potential disaster that awaits. How likely is it that this actually happened, though? Can we really believe this?

We like to see with our eyes, and these look pretty convincing to us.

Who do you believe?

According to Aetherius.org, “half of Europe” was saved by extra-terrestrials. They again take from Pravda, who suggested that the ET theory is the most plausible (as we have touched on). The reason why it’s so regularly viewed as the potential solution for Fukushima occurring, though, is this;

Dr. George King claims that he was contacted via a Martian spacecraft (we know) that an emergency was about to occur. He was told to turn on the Spiritual Radiators in both LA and London. These massive emergency tests in both locations were carried out, and it was only towards their end that the true events of Chernobyl started to unfold and be told in the West.

King also claims that intervention from aliens to fully disarm nuclear weapons is not allowed, but that in extreme circumstances it appears that they have put that aside for now. Would both of these potential disasters – with the potential to have been so much worse than they were – likely fall under that category?

According to the information held on the Aetherius Society, the following occurred;

In his hotel room in Wahweap Lodge, at 8.30am Los Angeles time, Dr. King was preparing to set out upon the waters of Lake Powell for the start of a Phase of The Saturn Mission. Suddenly, out of the blue, came instructions from his contacts on the Martian Satellite Number Three: the Los Angeles Spiritual energy Radiator was to begin emergency releases of spiritual energy, the first in 30 minutes’ time.

A world emergency had begun. Dr. King rang the Los Angeles Headquarters and its Spiritual Energy Radiators went into action. Yet, despite the gravity of the situation, no one, possibly not even Dr. King, knew what was going on.

With supposedly increased UFO sightings in and around Chernobyl on the build-up to the disaster, it’s easy to see why so many people believe that something else had gotten involved with the process for us. With the radioactive matter escaping from Chernobyl up to 500 x worse than that of the Hiroshima bomb, and winds of radioactive energy reaching as far as Wales, the disaster was bad enough as it was.

As the disaster unfolded, though, the damage was easy to see. In nearby Pripyat, just 2.5 miles away, onlookers could see the disaster unfolding. One man said that he was actually getting a tan from the explosion! However, this was what is known now as a “nuclear tan”; he eventually was taken to hospital, convulsing and vomiting uncontrollably.

As you can see, the damage from what did occur at Chernobyl was bad enough as it is. However, the most interesting testimony comes from a group who had worked on trying to deal with the disaster. According to the Aetherius Society, the following occurred;

Three hours into the disaster: a team of nuclear technicians measured the radiation at 3000 milliroentgens per hour. Then they looked up. In the sky above was a ‘fiery ball of the colour of brass’. They estimated its diameter at six to eight metres and its distance from the burning reactor as 300 meters. “Suddenly”, said one, “two bright rays of crimson colour extended from the ball to the reactor …This lasted for some 3 minutes…The rays abruptly faded and the ball slowly floated away in a north-westerly direction, toward Byelorussia. Then we again looked at our radiation monitor. It displayed only 800 milliroentgens per hour”.

This kind of major drop is almost unprecedented, most would say. Is it really possible that we were saved by what was no more than a stroke of good fortune?

However, the damage of Chernobyl is still felt to this day – with more than 200,000 people totally re-settled into new homes and many thousands of people now need regular medical attention for their rest of their (shortened) lives. The major catastrophe of this incident – and the lesser impact of Fukushima – is still felt to this day. Some statistics that should be taken into account here include;

  • The water supply of Ukraine was deeply affected – Pripyat and Dnieper rivers are still providing contaminated water to this day.
  • Over 3,000 people were left to die in the aftermath of the event, known as “liquidators”. They died from immense radiation poisoning.
  • The UN believe that the death toll could be as high as 30,000, with a quarter of all children born near Chernobyl allegedly carrying birth defects.

Just imagine how bad things would have been if we had not had the alleged help of our friends from other planets. If this is the case, we certainly have a lot to thank them for. What is one of the most major disasters in recent history could have removed most of the Western world instead.


As you can see, there is more than enough information out there on both sides to be looked at with an open mind. One of the major benefits of being involved in such an open discussion is that it gives you so many angles and possibilities – the only problem is most of us don’t have a clue what to think one way or another when it comes to events like these!

What do you think? Having surveyed the evidence and understood the rather challenging nature that it represents, how can you feel about looking into events such as this? Do you feel at ease?

Many people who were affected by the events of both Chernobyl and Fukushima today still react rather angrily when this subject is brought up. After all, they are still two of the most major disasters of this kind that have ever occurred – if aliens were so good, why did they not do more to stop it? Surely they could have dealt with the whole thing?

However, if the conspiracies are right, then how bad could it have been? Would we be looking at a majorly different world without this input from the extra-terrestrial allies we supposedly have? We think so.


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