Vatican: get ready to meet with extraterrestrial brothers!

The current director of the Vatican Observatory Jose Gabriel Funes said without the slightest restraint that religion sees no contradiction between faith in God and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The priest stated at the conference that “since there are many creatures on Earth, it is possible that the universe is dotted with many forms of life that are more reasonable than we are.”


Another representative of the Vatican, priest Guy Consolmagno, suggested that aliens exist and that they are the saviors of mankind.

When they officially arrive on Earth, the situation will progressively develop, and the new company will lead to significant changes.

These views are directly shocking, because gossip indicates that the Vatican knows more about extraterrestrial life and creation, but for obvious reasons, hid this secret to this day.

In just a few months, the Vatican plans to hold another conference, which will reveal new information.

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