(VIDEO) Alien bases on the Moon: NASA informer reveals the existence of alien structures of the Moon

Another NASA informant presented a series of images taken by NASA astronauts “Apollo”, which show that, apparently, is an extraterrestrial base on the surface of the moon.

It is believed that the old images of the Apollo mission for a private collection of NASA informants contain the final proof of the existence of other people’s bases on the surface of the Earth.

Images are taken from the private collection of Ken Johnston, who was a former avionics specialist who worked with a number of NASA contractors during the Apollo missions. At one time, at NASA, working on the Apollo missions, he came across a series of images taken by NASA astronauts during the Apollo missions to the Moon, which show that on the surface it seems alien ground.

According to the UFO hunters on Mars Lunar Space TV, the video uploaded earlier this month shows a recently released cache of old Apollo images that seem to show the bases of strangers on the surface of the Moon. Ken Johnston is well known among hunters for UFOs who are believed to be one of NASA’s most important witnesses who have come up with evidence of alien activity on the moon.

In a video uploaded by Mars Moon Space TV, Thomas Jensen talks about one of the images released from the Johnstons collection that show: “It looks like a base on the moon with visible lights and structures.”

According to Richard Hoagland, who first saw the Johnston images collection of the Apollo mission in 1995, NASA image techniques for decades edited the original images of the moon in an attempt to purify and destroy alien structures that are scattered throughout the moon. According to Hoagland and others who managed to look at the images, scanning images of the Johnston collection from the Apollo missions undoubtedly shows other people’s structures on the surface of the Moon that have been edited removed from the public images of the lunar surface.

However, not all seem to be convinced of this or that image of the lunar surface, where the alien structures seem to be present.

Regardless of what the skeptics might think, Johnston showed that he was ordered to destroy the original photographs, but decided to accept them. Many UFO researchers claim that the images were ordered to be destroyed, since NASA does not want the society to see any signs of alien structures on the surface of the moon.

In addition to satellite TV Mars Moon Space, YouTube Secure Team 10 also showed images of the Johnstons Apollo mission, containing evidence of extraterrestrial structures on the Moon in one of their videos.

On the images in black and white, the Apollo spaceship is seen flying over the lunar surface. Next to the spaceship, on the lower left side of the image are mysterious bright spots on the lunar surface, which are believed to be part of alien grounds.

According to many, the light visible in the images seems to be arranged in a way that indicates that they are the product of a reasonable design.

Nevertheless, the images of Johnston’s private collection are not the only evidence of extraterrestrial structures on the Moon.

One of the most famous images depicting the aliens structures on the Moon is derived from the NASA LCROSS mission to the Moon. The main objective of the LCROSS mission was to study the presence of water ice in a permanently shaded crater near the polar region of the Moon. It was launched along with the Lunar Orbiter (LRO) on June 18, 2009, as part of the overall robotics program for Moon’s predecessors – the first US mission on the Moon in the last ten years.

But such mysterious lights from the surface of the Moon are present in many other images and videos. Recently SecureTeam 10 has published a very interesting video that proves that there are several foreign bases on the moon. To support their claims, SecureTeam10 posted the coordinates of the towering buildings on the Moon: 21 ° 4 2.23 N, 148 ° 3912.30 E. If you focus on this area, the UFO hunters declare that three massive pillars are visible, clearly casting a shadow over The surface of the moon.

Recently, a number of high-ranking government officials, former cosmonauts, military personnel and scientists have come forward about the phenomenon of UFOs and alien life.

After a trip to space, I’m completely sure that aliens are watching us. I do not know how much, where and how they do it, but they are watching us; We see these ships at all times. Former astronaut Edgar Mitchell

Edwin Eugene Aldrin-j., Also known as Buzz Aldrin, a former American astronaut and engineer, also spoke about the UFO phenomenon. Buzz Aldrin was a pilot of the Lunar module during the mission “Apollo 11” and was one of the first two people to land on the surface of the moon, and the second person who passed it on July 21, 1969, at 03:15:16 UNIVERSAL GLOBAL TIME. Aldrin said that: On Apollo 11 on the way to the Moon, I noticed a light that seemed to move with us. There were many explanations that this could be, except for another space ship from another country or another world.

Millions of people around the world firmly believe that American astronauts have seen and fixed the remains of human structures of antiquity on the Moon and photographed some technological evidence found on the surface. After the astronauts returned the images to Earth. Both of them accused NASA of editing the original images of the moon and replacing them with fake images where the structures on the Moon were erased.

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