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Was it a UFO or Missile that Destroyed the SpaceX Falcon-9 Rocket?

At UFO Insight, one of our most beloved topics is, you guessed it, UFOs. So, when we see over at the Above Top Secret Forums that a new rumor had surfaced, we were right on it. The good people over at ATS claim that the recent Falcon-9 rocket was intercepted by a UFO.

These claims come from ‘numerous accounts’ across the web that this was the case. The explosion over at Cape Canaveral was a big story, and caught a lot of people by surprise. Already, the damage has been spotted; there’s plenty of talk of long-term setbacks because of this. So, just how likely is it that an extraterrestrial friend decided to get involved?


Watching the video above, you see something fly over the vessel just prior to it exploding. Many people are already suggesting that this may be nothing but a glitch in the video, or a bug on one video. But, many other pieces of footage exist – look at the stills over on ATS – that show this may not be the case. Bugs in footage for launches are common, but they are also the most commonly blamed reason for what people pick up as UFOs and the like.

Now, we have to be honest and say that we thought the ‘UFO’ was just a spec on the screen. At least, we did at first!

Now we aren’t so sure. We’ve watched the video back a good number of times, and it does look like something in the distance for sure. The problem is that it’s so insignificantly small in this that it’s hard to tell if there is something or not. Is it just coincidence? Or did we just witness the rocket being destroyed?


Additional Claims

Another fun story came from this in the form of a claim over on Reddit. The Redditer claims that they work as a welder on the site. He also states that during that very day, you could see strange objects in the sky. As ever, though, the claims cannot be verified. Naturally, you aren’t allowed phones on-site so nothing was recorded…

UFO seen approaching rocket.
UFO seen approaching rocket.

The person claims to have seen strange lights floating around in the sky above. After about twenty minutes of flickering in the sky, prior to the launch, there was an “impression in the clouds”. This was allegedly an oblong shape, and despite it being rainy you could see the sky through it (almost). Then, the individual claims that three white lights appeared in its central core, and then just disappeared.

20 minutes later, the rocket had exploded. Is that just a coincidence or was there a bit of something suspicious going on up in the sky?

It’s hard to tell from the footage and from this one (rather grainy) account.

About the Launch

The launch itself is a very interesting topic. The load that it was carrying was the Amos6 satellite, a 200M satellite launched by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Apparently, it would “give the world free internet” – or so the PR project claims. I mean c’mon, are we really gonna believe it was for this purpose?

We aren’t really into tin-hat style theories, but free internet?

I’m sure the hundreds of web providers, who effectively give Zuckerberg his power via traffic, would love that. Yeah, let’s just turn off all of the internet providers’ ability to make some money in the future!

Construction of the "Facebook" satellite.
Construction of the “Facebook” satellite.

The satellite itself was being built by the Israeli Aerospace Industry. It was to be part of the long-term and ever-growing Spacecom satellite network. These operate in the Ku bands and the Ka Spot beams, and was only going to cover areas that Spacecom has plenty of coverage in. It was mostly going to be covering Europe, including Russia.

So, it was obviously aliens hired by Putin, right?

What’s Going on Here?

The story, though, stinks to be honest. This would offer strong backup services and reliability to other internet providers. That sounds a whole lot different to ‘free internet’ though, right?

The wires are quite crossed on what this was supposed to be doing. In the official press releases regarding the AMOS system, they did mention that they would be bringing in ‘new services’ alongside this launch.

Given that the IAI tend to work mostly in warfare and military contractor work, we’re openly suspicious. It’s more or less an arm of the Israeli government, as well.

If you keep reading on the ATS forum, too, you’ll spot some rather chilling documentation. For one, they actively produce an on-the-go personal Satcom device for ground troops. Does nobody find it weird that this satellite seems to have a lot more in common with this aim than “free internet”?

We know that we do.The explosion as the UFO passes the rocket.

The explosion as the UFO passes the rocket.

Other Proof

We started to look around online for other publications that may have noticed this kind of thing. The main time we started to get quite intrigued is when you see even major publications getting involved. Here is an article on the UK press website, the Sunday Express. You can clearly see from the images that they are using, that this is out there – it’s in the sky. You can see the little dot clearly.

The only issue is that it must be blowing the rocket up by messing with its own control scheme. There’s no obvious impact, there’s no “ray” – there’s nothing, really, to state an actual attack. It’s just the sight of a small object in the sky that has people so excited.

Most people are counterclaiming in/on the article that it’s a bird or an insect. Many people also claim to have seen various birds flying by prior to the incident. That could just be coincidence, then, but what if the birds were reacting to the object in the sky, instead?

However, as some have pointed out to argue against that, the “bug” hides behind the large towers as it flies by. This would mean that it’s behind the tower. If it’s a bug or a bird, then why is it so clearly visible that far off in the distance?

If you can spot a bird or a bug that far away in the distance it must be pretty damn big!

For us, it’s the fact that the little dot in the sky gets out of there as soon as the explosions begin. It’s hard to prove anything, of course, but it’s not exactly out of the realms of possibility.

We’ve seen similar incidents in the past – this will likely go down as just one of many incidents. However, if something *did* take out that satellite, they may have just done a lot of people around Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, a big favor.


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