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Below is the book of Joe Amidon, where are you really?


Those who have Vega as their planetary origin, are self-sufficient, independent, proud and strong. There is an external smooth energy and the appearance of strength and ability. Those from Vega, as a rule, are well-informed in various fields, they can be trivial collectors for information concerning their areas of interest. They have a lot of talents and abilities, are quite creative and often have the opportunity to combine creative expression with intellectual expression. They can be artists, designers, inventors, architects, or they can now interact more closely with creativity with new or expanding technologies. Their methods of working with technology will differ from many, because they are based more on feeling than on intellectual understanding. They are good at starting projects, but they are less successful in completing them. There may be lessons that help the vegans in learning self-discipline and will, or they can surround themselves with others who support and will help in the completion of projects and ideas.

Those from Vega are travelers who are looking for a variety, challenge and understanding of the many issues that they have. They can easily become bored. They tend to analyze, question everything they do not understand, do not conform to their belief system, or simply do not feel well. Despite the fact that they want to learn, change and grow, the vegans need to understand that they take place at the internal level to allow them to open up inside to make changes. This understanding will not be practical, logical. It will be an inner understanding, which will be more a sensation that will lead to knowledge, and not to a technical understanding.

Most of Vega have a strong sense of responsibility, care and concern. They can find satisfaction in working with children, sick or needing care and support. However, sometimes they can be overly responsible for others and, perhaps, should remind us of the importance of teaching responsibility, as well as responsibility. They may have to work with the development of a stronger sense of the sense of the integrity of others, because they can be in their own interests because of their caring nature. They can find others who are attracted to their understanding of energy, and others can address them in many situations, wanting to share personal problems. It should be noted that only a few of Vega are willing to share personal data with others, unless trust is established.

Vegan has medicinal abilities and can resemble stones and crystals. Many of Vega are working to take care of others in the health field, whether physical, mental, as teachers or in areas that allow freedom of creative expression. They have an urgent need for solitude, confidentiality and freedom from restrictions. It is important that they are shown appreciation for what is done for others. Those who are in personal relationships with vegans may need more attention from time to time and may feel somewhat neglected because of their many interests and areas of attention. They can become so involved in caring for others that they neglect personal needs and personal relationships.


Those who have Sirius as their planetary origin, are very focused, very defined and installed on any path in which they are at the moment. It is very difficult to change the mind of one of Sirius, but as soon as they were convinced that the new way is more appropriate, they are completely focused on the new one and quickly release the old one. Sirians have strong beliefs, ideals and personal integrity.

Those from Sirius make loyal, trustworthy friends, but expect the same in return. They become sick and disappointed when these expectations are not met. Sirians do not share an internal personal “I” with others easily and may experience difficulties with the exchange of emotions and the expression of feelings and needs. To be fully recognized and trustworthy as a close personal friend of Syrian, you must be thoroughly studied. Sirians may experience difficulties in relationships and friendship when they expect that they will be treated in a certain way, but do not share their expectations with other participants. It is important to work with shared expectations, ideals, common needs and desires, so as not to suffer and be disappointed. This often occurs as a result of a lack of communication or lack of understanding and clarity in the relationship.

Those from Sirius, as a rule, are oriented to the future, and they do not like to focus on the past. They can become defensive if they are forced to focus on the past by others. This is due to the fact that past pain and emotions are held inside, denied and suppressed, and not considered at the time of occurrence. Because of this, there may be a large number of old emotions in need of solution and release. Sirians do not use confrontations or open expressions of anger, but if they are forced to argue, they will desperately defend themselves and their beliefs. This is especially true when it comes to the honor of themselves or their loved ones. One of the lessons that many Sirians have chosen to work in this life is the importance of releasing old pain, forgiveness and me and other people.

Sirians have a very unique and strong sense of humor, which is often seen only when they are with those to whom they trust and feel at ease. Some believe that the Sirians are considered dreamers. This is due to their active, vibrant inner life. This can cause forgetfulness and a tendency to overlook trivial three-dimensional things in the present. They may sometimes seem uninteresting or inattentive, but in reality they are just somewhere else. They may not realize that others do not know about their internal activities. Although they seem very calm, calm and restrained on the surface, there is a lot of activity in it. As children, the Sirians often think that they have learning disabilities or have problems with their attention. This is due to the involvement of the inner world, which is often more interesting than the one taught in the schools of the Earth. They are best trained when using visual training methods, and they are allowed to use the types of instruction, freely moving and exploring. These are children who largely benefit from alternative schools, are very smart, but strong enough to feel that if something does not interest them, they should not know about it.

Those of Sirius have a deep connection with the Earth and the energy of nature. Many Sirians had numerous lives as American Indians and maintained close ties and memories of these lives. They are very visually, as in their ability to see things that others do not have, and in their way of learning.


Those who have the Psila, as their planetary origin, have strong personalities, strong abilities and great pride. There is a strong sense of humor and a desire to be in the spotlight. This is often a class clown or a life of party types. There may be a tendency to go too far with teasing and humor, sometimes at the expense of others. This is not done with the intention of harming, simply because of the tendency to be carried away by the impulses of the moment. You need to learn compassion and tenderness in dealing with others.

The Pwilans carry an aura of power that can give others the impression that they are unbending and unapproachable. This can be disturbing, especially for those who are unsafe or have low self-esteem. Sometimes, it may be difficult for others to understand and cope with the Pvilans, as they may come across as slightly overbearing. It may be necessary to work with changing behavior patterns and mitigating the approach used in interactions with others,

It’s good for others to look beyond the strong appearance, it allows you to see the kindness inside. When this is done, it will be found that the Pwilance takes great care and will do much to help those whom they consider to be true friends and deserve their help. From time to time, they can do too much for friends, and they may need to step back and allow others to learn their experience. Those who are close to the Pvilans will find them very loyal, faithful friends who easily overlook the shortcomings and demerits of friends. They can very quickly judge or denote these same shortcomings or deficiencies in others who are not yet considered friends.

This is useful for the Pvilans to learn to retreat and detach themselves, as they are usually so engrossed in their personal lives that they can exclude others. This can be a problem in personal relationships, as others may be neglected when this happens. One of the lessons that many of Pvila chose to work in this life is controlling ego and training in balancing caring for others with care for personal needs.

There is a desire to gather information, details, knowledge and a desire to explore and understand everything. Пвиланс possesses a photographic type of memory. There is the ability to preserve what has been learned, for later use, in graphic detail. Pvilans are good teachers, authors or can work with technical or scientific knowledge. They not only love to collect knowledge, but also share them with others.

They have many possible careers, and they can have several active careers at once, because they do not like to limit themselves. They, as a rule, are well versed in many different subjects and ask many questions in search of information and details. They may feel frustrated or intolerant of others who do not seek to learn and understand with equal diligence. It’s good for the Pwilance to work with developing tolerance and understanding of those who do not share their thirst for knowledge.

The Pwylancans are very determined and focused on whatever their path is at any time. This path can often change, because they easily move from one path to another. For others, it may look like it’s difficult for them to make decisions or maintain focus. This is not true, they just have the ability to support several tricks with a change in the priority level. The areas of interest will come and go, as the desire for new knowledge makes them look forward.

In a relationship people from Pvila need respect and freedom. They must look for those whose personal strength and security are strong, so they will not be intimidated. The Pwilans should only have time to reconnect and find peace within. There is an urgent need for privacy and tranquility. They fit well with others who share this need for freedom and confidentiality. Often there is an attraction for those who have softer energies, but it is important that they are with other equal intellects, as this creates the challenge and excitement that the Pwilance so love. This allows you to balance energy, but retains the intellectual stimulation that is so important for Pvilans.


Those who have the Pleiades as their planetary origin are sensitive, loving and kind. There is a deep, unchanging desire for peace and happiness for all. If someone from the Pleiades was asked what you want from life? Most likely, they will be happy. Pleiadians have a pleasant smooth energy, which others like to be near.

They are emotional and loving, but tend to overwhelm a lot because of their desire to please others. They are sensitive and respond quickly to criticism. The Pleiadians tend to sacrifice personal needs and desires, trying to please others. This can cause internal indignation. Instead of openly expressing outrage or anger, the Pleiadians can instead use passive aggressive behavior in the hope that their feelings will be noticed and reacted without the need for discussion. They must learn to realize that others whom they seek to satisfy, usually prefer to hear their feelings and needs. The Pleiadians can become physically sick in situations where there is anger, open tension or controversy around them, as they absorb the emotions of others in an unconscious effort to mediate and smooth situations. The tendency to suppress their own emotions and emotions absorbed by others can create energy blockages if they are not released within a certain period of time. This can lead to a possible physical illness.

A significant part of the learning experience for the Pleiadians is to learn how to let others experience what they have chosen rather than participate personally. They will learn to realize their desire to make others happy and realize that they can be responsible only for personal happiness and self-development. They must learn to allow others to answer for themselves, their growth and learning situations. They must learn that they can not decide when others are happy or that others should be happy, and instead focus on creating their own happiness. Since true responsibility is taken for personal and personal happiness, they will thrive, and the physical body will react with radiance.

The Pleiadians should work on developing communication skills at the level of the third dimension, and also develop self-esteem. It is important for them to restore their personal strength, learn to communicate freely and become strong inside. Sometimes it may seem different that the Pleiadians are excessively protected and far away. This is due to their tendency to criticize their thoughts to such an extent that they do not share them and the problems of self-esteem that many Pleiadians have. Often they feel that their thoughts are not worth sharing and should work in this area too.

Those from the Pleiades can develop patterns of using various three-dimensional exercises as temporary escape from reality or false means in building communication abilities and confidence. It can be going to drugs or drinking, creating sexual or romantic dramas or just running away to other realities through reading, television or movies.

The Pleiadians go out because of crying. Because of their propensity to suppress emotions, this can lead to the fact that religion should occur. This can lead to crying, which manifests itself as an excessive reaction to current situations. Instead, this release is much more than the current situation. Because of the communication problems that one has to work with, many Pleiadians experience different types of release in the throat chakra area, such as crying. It can also be frequent physical problems or speech difficulties, such as hoarseness, coughing or tightness in the throat chakra. This will not happen again, when the confidence and free communication of emotions and needs will be studied and used in everyday life. They can be used as signs to look within what is not reported, which should be.

The Pleiadians are very strong in faith and trust. They have a strong sense of purpose since childhood, a sense of knowledge that there is a connection between God, the purpose and the plan, even in the darkest hour. There is an inner desire to seek spiritual answers and to find their connection with the Divine Power. When they start looking and learning, growth begins. When they become aware of God’s connection and love themselves as perfect beings who are everything, many of the old feelings, emotions and doubts in themselves disappear.


Those who have Orion as their planetary origin, have strong personalities, ideals and beliefs. Orions can be recognized by many questions that they ask! There is a strong desire to understand the causes and internal meanings of all things. They tend to analyze people and events in their needs to understand. This can upset others, as this can cause a feeling of thorough study. This is due to the fact that most Orions work at the mental level, and not at the level of the senses. This is not due to lack of feeling, it’s just the basic mode of operation for Orion.

Orions want others to respect their opinions and to argue in order to win respect and convince others of the validity of their opinions. They must learn to balance the desire to understand, taking into account the needs of others. Mature Orion learned that by explaining their views and opinions, considering them to be valid and considered by others, this is what they are looking for, and there is no need for others to be in agreement.

Orions have a deep inner thirst for knowledge and can be upset by those who do not share this thirst. There is interest in a wide range of areas. When talking with Orion it will be obvious that either the subject has a great interest for them, but they are sufficiently knowledgeable or not interested at all and know almost nothing about this area. There is strong skepticism and difficulty in accepting new beliefs without thorough proof and evidence of reality. This is due to their intellectual and intellectual focus, and one must realize things logically before accepting them.

Orions tend to criticize others and themselves. This is because Orion expects and seeks perfection. They have a sharp look at the details and notice what others do not. They tend to tell these things to others if they think that these are things that need attention or correction. This can upset those who are not used to the energy of Orion and can be perceived as personal criticism. It is good to understand that Orion is very sensitive to balance and can feel physically upset or sick in situations where there is an imbalance. This creates the need to correct the imbalance when it is felt. This may be an emotional imbalance that is felt by others or in itself, or an external physical imbalance. Orions need beauty and a balanced flow of energy in their surroundings to feel best at all levels.

In relationships and in relations with emotions, Orion reacts to emotions intellectually and can surprise others with its reactions. The desire for understanding is much stronger than the emotional reaction. It is very important for them to understand the causes of the situation, to help in their ability to accept and understand. In the emotional situation, Orion’s typical response is to ask questions, although the more tranquil Orions can do this. This does not mean that they do not feel and do not care, just so that they seek understanding. Orions are often uncomfortable in emotional situations, if they do not know those who participate well enough to feel free to ask questions inside. Esteeming this need, communication can be built in relations with Orions. If their need for a question or understanding of emotions is not allowed, they will develop patterns of overwhelming emotions or explore them only at the internal level.

Those who from Orion need solitude and time alone to charge, study and develop the flow within. They learn best alone or in small groups and do not feel comfortable in a large classroom. There is a high level of energy that, when combined with a question of doubt, makes Orion intolerant of classroom instruction when they believe that teaching is not done or does not make sense. Many Orions make excellent teachers because of their ability to see many details and presentation angles to make learning more interesting for the learner. Orion likes to laugh at others. There is a strong sense of humor and a desire to tease and play. Others may notice that the transition from playfulness to criticality can occur quickly.

There is a strong connection with the spirit and psychic abilities. As the Orions grow on the spiritual path, they find their biggest problem is to develop a higher level of trust and faith. This is due to many aspects of spirituality that must be accepted simply by faith. Orions are deeply entrenched with the need to ask questions, seek evidence, answers and logical understanding before accepting beliefs. This can create difficulties and internal struggles for many Orions, as they learn to combine the technical mind with the spiritual self. However, it is these qualities that make Orions important gatherers of information and knowledge that can be shared with others.


Those who have Maldek as their planetary origin have strong, stable individuals. They are defined and concentrated in their beliefs, whatever these beliefs are. For someone, it may be difficult to convince one of Maldek of the validity of new beliefs, since there are always many questions that need to be answered for their comfort before taking on new opportunities. They often have deep leadership abilities, although they can be expressed calmly.

Those from Maldek are very smart, technically tuned and focused on the details. They are well-informed in various fields. They may have several careers, or one career with strong interests outside the field, which they have chosen for a career. They seek to understand what is below the surface of people, things and events. Because of this, they rarely accept simple explanations or easy answers. They tend to analyze events, experiences and interactions with people and believe that there is always more than what is evident at the surface level. Those from Maldek are people who usually know a little about an item that can be raised in conversation.

They are reserved and may seem distant or difficult to approach those they do not know well. They are cautious and skeptical of who and what they trust with their inner personalities. If someone is accepted as a friend or in a close relationship, they are very loving, honest and trustworthy companions. They are disappointed in the relationship, if others do not return these qualities in the same way. They expect others to do what they are willing to give. It is often surprising for others to find such deeply convinced beliefs, opinions and emotions in someone who seems at first sight to be quiet and restrained. Only with those whom they trust completely, they open emotionally, but when this confidence is present, they are very capable and able to share themselves at all levels.

Maldekians love challenges, mysteries and unknown or inexplicable. They are often fascinated by magic and using energy to create and manifest. They often show interest in astronomy, planets and explore the universe. They can love fairy tales, such as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the Magician and others of that era. Striving for honesty, integrity, loyalty and serving common goals is strong. They can drag on to historical times, when the protection of these ideals was a normal daily activity. Those periods of time on Earth were approved by the Maldekians, who at this time on Earth may feel disappointed.

In relations, Maldeckeans strongly support and understand partners, ensuring that their partner is equally open to full exchange and discussion of all elements of their needs and desires. After reaching mutual understanding, there is a willingness to do everything that is necessary to help those whom they love, to achieve their goals and dreams. It should be clear that because of the problem caused by Maldek, this may require a lot of discussion. The Maldekians have a strong loyalty and a small problem with commitment, whether it’s relationships, friendship, career or ideal. They expect the same in return and will quickly be disappointed if it is not. This would be one of the rare cases when one could see the character of Maldek.

Maldek was a planet that was on the other side of Mars. It no longer exists, and the current remains of the planet are what seem to be a belt of asteroids.


Those who have Arcturus as their planetary origin, have strong personalities, deep inner strength and knowledge within. At first glance they seem strong, capable and powerful. Since childhood, there is a sense of importance in life, although it is usually not known what it can be. There is a search for this goal, which often leads to spiritual study. If this goal is not found, an inner feeling of dissatisfaction or unhappiness may arise without understanding the cause of it.

The Arcturians are very creative. Many arcturians – writers, artists, designers or use their abilities to create in some way. Arcturians are often good public speakers, have a good sense of time and humor, the life of the party. They like to make others laugh. They love and love to travel. They may tend to be bored easily and seek new impressions to avoid boredom. If they get bored, they can create a drama to wake up or create excitement. This can manifest itself in a tendency to create big problems from small ones, to drag out situations or dramatize situations in order to attract attention.

Arcturians may find it difficult to approach the distant times. They do not have many close, close personal friends, but they have a lot of casual friends. If Arcturian accepts you as a close personal friend and shares you on the inner level, know that you were carefully considered before you were received. Arcturians attract people: full strangers are drawn to Arcturian energy and magnetism. They are good donors, and their aura makes others seem to be strong and full. Others may be surprised to find that the Arcturians have problems and feelings, like everyone else. Often there is a wide range of acquaintances who depend on Arcturus’ friends and for advice and recommendations. Although they are willing to listen and give advice, the Arcturians may be impatient to those who do not want to make the necessary effort or try to achieve what they are looking for. There is impatience for whiners. Those who seek advice but do not want to use the advice they receive can lose their mentor, Arcturus, when this is realized.

Arcturians have great energy, physical or mental. They can jump from one place to another or from one subject to another. Usually they do not like to sit and be silent, but they need to feel that they are achieving something. They tend to be enthusiastic and optimistic. When their energy is focused and used well, they can not achieve much. When it is scattered and without focus, there will be many projects started, with few completed.

In a loving relationship, the Arcturians need personal freedom. They feel locked in a relationship that restricts. They only need time, time with friends and the opportunity to do so without guilt or explanation. It is necessary to understand that freedom should extend to all involved persons, the treatment that they need for themselves should be extended to others. Arcturians can not express their deepest emotions and are inclined to react to situations that cause deep emotions, creating sabotage. From their emotions, they are most comfortable with an expression of anger and humor. They can create arguments, start storytelling (the Arcturians are great storytellers!), Try to create a laugh or a sudden desire to do something to avoid a frank discussion of their emotions.


Apollonians love to learn and add to their numerous talents. Often there is an interest in pursuing different classes and developing many abilities. The Apollonians have a profound question that makes them seek answers and fulfillment. This can lead to a number of careers or interests throughout life, as they tend to constantly add to their repertoire of knowledge. They can sometimes feel like sponges, as they absorb a lot of different knowledge. They may seem different, for example, to professional students, or to pretend that they can not decide what they want to do. This is not the case. Simply, the Apollonians do not allow themselves to confine themselves to any single role or definition of who and what they are. Any attempts by others to limit them or designate them very strongly and instantly resist. This is one of the examples when normally quiet Apollonians will show a dramatic reaction. There may be situations where Apollonius can feel that others are trying to limit, limit or designate them regardless of the truth, if the situation creates this feeling, there will be a strong reaction.

There is a deep desire to be self-sufficient and to avoid the need to depend on others, materially or emotionally. They may need to remind themselves from time to time to enjoy life and to have time for pleasure, as they are usually pretty serious. It can be very obvious if they are focused on the path of learning or achievement. It should be noted that even a rare Apollonius who chooses the path of pleasure and play, and not serious training, will also be deeply and completely focused on this path.

Many of Apollonius are working on the Earth and feel a deep connection with the Earth and its needs. There is an early recognition of energy fields, aura, spiritual friends or angels, which forces them to engage in spiritual learning as a means of seeking answers and explanations. These abilities with energy can cause them to perform healing actions at some point in their life, whether with the planet, animals or humans. Often there is an attraction for children and a desire to help children and those who are helpless or need it. It can be either a parent, teacher, consultant or just an interested friend.

There is a strong ability to empathize with others and use this ability to help others heal and release emotional pain and fears. There is a strong love for beauty and nature. Apollonians often rely on the beauty and peace of nature to heal themselves and find peace within. There is a strong sense of intuition and spiritual coherence. Those of Apollonia may have often considered themselves exotic or enjoying being different.


Those who have the planetary origin of Andromeda, are looking for freedom. There is a deep inner thirst and desire that makes them seek this sense of freedom. They can change jobs, homes or relationships in search. At some point they will realize that the freedom they are looking for and the feelings they often experience in a trap are not due to their actual circumstances. The true freedom that they seek comes only from within. It occurs only through the development of one’s own love and inner spiritual self. The mature Andromedan has realized this and is working with this knowledge to create a reality that allows these needs to be revered, continuing to grow in other areas.

Andromedans should work with problems of self-confidence and love. These areas may be obvious in their development needs, or they can be disguised. When love and self-confidence develop, inner freedom and a spiritual bond will be found within the one where it has always been, if confidence and self-belief were present so that it can be seen. As this develops, the connection between itself and God becomes strong. This allows the streams of past lives to flow, and many old talents begin to awaken to be used again. Many Andromedans discover that they have something to offer others on the spiritual path and become known as teachers and healers.

Andromedians enjoy traveling and thriving, experiencing many types of realities. They enjoy excitement, activity and variety. They may have early desires to visit past homes of life, shown as desires to visit certain places or to be interested in certain areas or periods of time, not understanding why. They can enjoy fast movement or fly on airplanes, as this stimulates subconscious memories of the house. Andromedians, as a rule, create dramatic learning scenarios for themselves, as they are prone to self-criticism and do not take themselves seriously. Through training, to notice less opportunities and growth lessons, they will begin to avoid creating dramatic drama.

Andromedan’s propensity for self-criticism can make them expect others to criticize them. They are often surprised at how well they like others! Outwardly, many Andromedan are confident, capable and go with well-developed abilities to communicate with others. They very well hold internal fears, doubts and insecurities inside and represent a completely different face to the outside world. They can be well suited for training, health care, or careers that are related to travel. Some learn to combine attraction with drama with writing or acting and express themselves in this sense.

Andromedian has the ability to treat and communicate, which is often felt in early childhood. They are often ignored or discouraged by family members, and they should be subsequently received. Andromedians are sensitive, caring people who have a lot of compassion and the ability to stand in someone else’s position and really empathize. There is a desire to work with the healing of physical, emotional or mental pains of mankind.

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From the author, Joe Amidon: All information about planetary origin is taken from my book “Where are you really from? Copyright 1996. In this book, each chapter contains the information given here, as well as more personality characteristics, a bit of history on each and lists of plants, animals and stones whose DNA originates from each of these planetary groups. For several years the book was not printed, now an updated book is available.

Where did you really come from? Copyright 1996 Joe Amidon with the Teachers of the Universal Mind.

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