WikiLeaks: Vatican knows that there are alien civilizations

Aliens want to help humanity, but they are afraid of our cruel tendencies. In an e-mail sent by astronaut Edgar Mitchell to the American politician John Pohdet, it says that a cosmic war is inevitable and that the Vatican knows about the existence of aliens.

Since the “War in Space” race is heating up, I felt that you should be aware of several factors, as you and I plan to speak on Skype, wrote former NASA astronaut Mitchell.

The drop-down email also says that benevolent foreigners want to share technology, called zero energy with humanity.

When the emails were exchanged, John Podesta served as an adviser to President Barack Obama before becoming head of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

The letters also mention Terry Mansfield, who, as described, is the director of the special force of the world for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The document also contains a possible meeting between Mansfield and Podesta to catch up with the knowledge that the Vatican has about an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Mitchell describes extraterrestrial intelligence as the highest form of intelligence that works directly with God.

Mitchell warns that aliens want to share their knowledge about zero energy with the inhabitants of the Earth, which implies the possibility of extracting free energy from empty space, but will not tolerate any forms of military violence on the planet or in space.

Podesta, who advocated the disclosure of data relating to Area 51 and UFOs in 2000, recently stated that he persuaded Clinton to disclose secret UFO documents.

The first letter of Edgar Mitchell in Podesta:

Dear John,

Since the “War in Space” race is getting warm, I felt that you should be aware of several factors, as you and I are planning our conversation on Skype.

Remember that our non-violent ETI from the adjacent universe helps us bring zero energy to Earth.

They will not tolerate any form of military violence on Earth or in space. The following information in italics was sent to me by my colleague Carol Rosin, who for several years worked closely with Werner von Braun until his death.

Carol and I worked on the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, attached for your convenience.

It is interesting to note that it is worth noting that today in this powerful institute there are about 10 active astrophysicists who should deepen our understanding of the universe; But it is striking that they, besides astrophysicists, are also priests.

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The Vatican said that there are no boundaries between science and religion and that these two CAN-COXISTS do not contradict each other.

I think that people who ask questions about faith are also interested in astronomy, a science that asks very fundamental questions, “says Buel Giannuzi, director of the Steward Observatory, at the University of Arizona, working in collaboration with astronauts.

The Vatican Observatory dates back to 1582, so the question of whether God created us, and only we give much more in the past than you could imagine. Of course, it is when we speak informally, but officially, that Pope Leo XIII created the Vatican Observatory in 1891, wanting to make a clear statement that the Roman Catholic Church is not against a real science that is well done.

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