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Woman in St Helens Films UFO Over A Few Nights

Until recently I didn’t notice that there was any similar looking features that linked these spherical, round, Button UFOs and it’s not something people look for right! But, I started to notice the exact same Button design with 3 or more exact same features. It’s kind of like a rule, threes the charm. Three exact coincidences cannot be by accident time and time again in UFOs.FacebookTwitterEmailChia sẻ

UFO sighting is exactly the same as what I’ve been reporting on

I was flipping through the tons of UFO related reports and low and behold another Button UFO has shown up over St Helens in the USA. I’m adding the YouTube video so that you can see the very same UFO in this video filmed over consecutive nights that I’ve been linking to in post’s by way of tracing their movement’s as and when they are filmed I’ve reported them on my blogs and social media.

If you can check out our other Button UFOs and you’ll definitely see the similarities between the UFOs. Was the ISS picking up but doing nothing about the UFOs? It seems like nobody at NASA will answer.

Woman sees and films the same UFO 2 nights on the trot.
This one has a more defined look to it, but the middle dome is there, the black dot is new but overall it’s definitely the same as the massive fleet I reported on passing the ISS.

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This was reported on by Koin6 news. Check out their YouTube channel here.

Really good UFO information around the Internet.

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